• Water- and Solvent-Based Inks
    Water- and solvent-based inks with latest technologies (HP, IUT, Funai) will give you the possibilities to print Texts, Logos, Barcodes, Shifcodes, Date and time information on many substrates like plastics, foils, (coated) paper, PVC etc.
  • User Interface
    Our new, icon-based full-color touch-screen provides easy and intuitive operation. The WYSIWYG* design provides stress-free operation by displaying print data and settings immediately. 
  • Non-Contact Printing 
    Thermal Inkjet printer technology allows non-contact printing flexibility to mark on rough, uneven or varied surfaces from any direction.
  • Excellent Adhesion and Rub Resistance
    Ink portfolio comes along with an excellent adhesion and rub resistance, sharpness and barcode readability on semi-porous and non-porous substrates.
  • Compact and Reliable
    Compact and reliable printer that is user-friendly and easy to set up within production lines. It comes with multiple connection options and a package of accessories for easy mounting on the conveyor belt.
  • Cost efficiency and High Resolution
    Print head provides cost-efficient and high resolution codes on many substrates without maintenance.
  • Intelligent SmartChip 
    Intelligent SmartChip  monitoring ensures consistently good print results. It identifies the current type of ink and adjusts the relevant ink parameters automatically.
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